Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FEMA Camps, Forced Home Inspections, 666 Microchips- Oct. 1, 2013? (Video)

By Susan Duclos In the video below you will see clips of government officials discussing "forced home inspections" during Obamacare. The subtitle on the video claims that Obamacare RFID 666 chipping will begin on October 1, 2013 as well pairing it with the recent news that the IRS, which is the main entity charged with enforcing Obamacare, is now packing so-called assault rifles and concluding it will be the IRS forcing compliance with the RFID Obamacare chip. The video does provide a news coverage clip reporting that the IRS is "packing heat," nowadays.and how Congressman Jeff Duncan, who sits on the Homeland Security Oversight Committee, wants to know why and is being refused answers. The video narrator then discusses the recent FEMA Region 3 alert information, which I recently wrote about here at Before It's News, with October 1, 2013, featuring heavily into the deadlines listed for stockpiling supplies and concludes in the details portion of the YouTube URL, that the Government is planning on simultaneously causing the dollar crash during a worldwide electrical grid blackout (reported on by Live Free Or Die here at Before It's News), followed by "forcing" the mark of the beast (666) on the entire nation.

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